Athena 0.X

The Athena 0 project was our first rocket generation. Powered by a water jet accelerated under a pressure of 20 bar from the tank into the environment, Athena 0 mainly served as a test vehicle. At low costs, we researched and tested avionics/telemetry, recovery by parachute, attitude stabilisation and pressure tank construction. We have launched […]


As the third and final rocket in the FRoDO family, FRoDO-M combines all technical expertise and experience and of the previous developments and launches. Propelled by an M-Class solid propellant rocket motor, the rocket has a target apogee of 3000 m and is intended to be launched at the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC) 2024, the […]


FRoDO-J is the second rocket iteration in the FRoDO family. After the gained experience from FRoDO-H, this rocket was designed to already fullfill most of the critical requirements in terms of redundancy, safety, operations and general design aspects that are set by international competitions like the European Rocketry Challenge.  The avionics system was improved to […]


FRoDO-H is the first rocket in the FRoDO rocket series. Developed over the course of 2022, the rocket marked the stepping stone for the development of solid motor propelled rockets in our association. After setting the goal to participate at international rocketry competitions with that rocket family, FRoDO-H was designed as a first development and […]


So why do we fly rockets? Okay, in all fairness, there are a lot of reasons – but one of them is the payload section! The payload serves as the scientific heart of the system. It is either built in house by Rapid members or provided by other teams, usually local schools or international rocketry […]