Lead: vakant

The purpose of the simulation subsection is the testing and validation of our CubeSat design. Since the satellite can not be changed or improved after launch it is extremely important to design the CubeSat in a robust manner. All systems need to work as intended in an environment that can not be recreated completely here on earth. Getting launched into space on a giant rocket also does not help reliability a whole lot.

During the current design phase the simulation group is mainly focused on assisting the other subsections in the design process. We simulate the operation of their subsystem to help with finding constraints on and requirements for their system.

Power simulation

For the power subsection for example we adapted an existing open source project called DOCKS by Boris Segret at Paris University to analyze variables such as power generation and solar cell temperature. We created a python module which streamlines the process of creating simulations with the DOCKS tools. This way the power subsection can quickly simulate different configurations.

Thermal simulation

The simulation of the temperatures during satellite operation  is another project we just started working on. We are currently trying out different programs for FEM temperature simulations.  With the knowledge gained there we will be able to set constraints on the materials used on the satellite.

Attitude simulation

To assist the ADCS subsection in their design we need to simulate the sensors and actuators they use and the environment of our CubeSat.

The attitude simulation is currently focused on the attitude determination simulation which is done in the Generic AOCS/GNC Techniques & Design Framework for FDIR (GAFE) toolkit by ESA and Airbus. To read more about this work go to:

System simulation

Long term we plan on doing a real time simulation of the complete satellite to not only test our design but also the implementation of our onboard computer with all of its systems and the various controllers used in other systems. This is a big project so we are always happy to welcome new people in our team.

Got interested?

Then why not drop by one of our meetings. Our weekly meeting takes place every tuesday at 5 pm on our Discord server in the voice channel cs_simulation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the CubeSat project Management