Lead: Manuel Schlüsener

Building a rocket is quite difficult. It requires lots of calculations and trial and error – both of which consume time and resources. Luckily though, our simulation team here at the rocket team developed a software that makes this process a whole lot easier. In mere seconds, the software simulates a rocket launch and gives the team all the information they need to develop our launcher.

What will be our top speed if we use this engine? How long will it take the rocket to descend under parachute? How many gees does the structure have to bear? How high is our Apogee? All of these questions can be answered by just a few simple clicks!

Building a rocket might be difficult, but thanks to the simulation, the process got a whole lot easier!

Got interested?

If you want to be a part of our simulation team, leave us a message at our Discord server or apply directly via the membership section of our website. We look forward to hear from you!