Lead: Jonas Klein und Sudheer Thalakoti

What we do:

The structural team engages in designing and analyzing diverse rocket components, ranging from the primary structural elements to payload fairings and other crucial parts. We carefully choose materials that fulfill required strength, weight, and thermal criteria. Our collaboration extends to other departments, including propulsion, recovery, and avionics, ensuring the smooth integration of all elements into the rocket’s comprehensive design. This encompasses meticulous considerations of factors such as weight distribution, strength, balance, and aerodynamics.

„At our rocket workshop, we’ve turned ‚It’s not rocket science‘ into a team motto – because when it comes to crafting rockets, we believe in blasting off together with a dose of laughter and a sprinkle of teamwork magic!“

Are you hooked?

If you are a hands-on person dreaming of building a rocket, the structure section is the right place for you. From CAD design and structural calculations to 3D printing, working with lightweight composite materials and conventional metal manufacturing, there is lots to do!