FRoDO-J is the second rocket iteration in the FRoDO family. After the gained experience from FRoDO-H, this rocket was designed to already fullfill most of the critical requirements in terms of redundancy, safety, operations and general design aspects that are set by international competitions like the European Rocketry Challenge. 

The avionics system was improved to work with a redundant flight computer setup with validated range tests up to 14 km. Frequency management, up- and downlink capabilities and the groundstation were highly enhanced. 

The recovery system was expanded to a dual parachute deploy system, with fully redesigned, reliable CO2 ejection systems. 

Additionally, FRoDO-J is able to carry three separate CanSat payloads with a total mass of 1 kg. Two of them are deployable at the recovery events. 


launch mass7190 g
height2450 mm
diameter105 mm
recovery dual deploy with mechanical CO2 ejection systems
total impulse1260 Ns
max thrust587 N
apogee984 m