Lead: vakant

A CanSat is a mini satellite in the format of a can. Due to its small size it is ideal for rapid prototyping and learning about the process of designing, building and launching a mission.

At TUDSaT we invite every newcomer, with or without any prior knowledge to participate on this project to get some hands on experience. Be it a freshman or someone who never has done anything before in the field of space technologies, here you can learn for yourself how awesome any space projects are.

WiSe 2021/22 –

Ever wanted to be a lead and manage a satellite project or get some hands-on experience with hardware, software or 3d-printing? This could be your chance, no prior knowledge required.

Interested? Then participate at our Kick-Off meeting on Wednesday (24. November 2021) at 18:00 on our discord server. When you join, let us know if you are a human being and we’ll grant you access to the whole server.

WiSe 2020/21 – SoSe 2021

Our first ever CanSat project launched at the beginning of the winter term 2020. Facing multiple challenges like

  • Designing the case and structure of the CanSat using CAD
  • Reading multiple sensors at once using the GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Creating an ejection mechanism to be used on our ION rocket to eject the CanSat
  • Building a launch rocket to carry the payload of a CanSat up into the air
  • And many more…