As the third and final rocket in the FRoDO family, FRoDO-M combines all technical expertise and experience and of the previous developments and launches.

Propelled by an M-Class solid propellant rocket motor, the rocket has a target apogee of 3000 m and is intended to be launched at the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC) 2024, the largest European student rocketry launch event, taking place in Portugal.

FRoDO-M contains major advancements and features. The use of a reliable commercial propulsion system with predictable thrust allows the team to specifically focus on the development of new and innovative solutions in the area of avionics and communication, apogee control and recovery systems.

The rocket contains a payload bay that can host up to six CanSat payloads, which are provided by partner groups and organizations.

Active Altitude Control System

To face the special challenge of EuRoC – reaching the target apogee as precise as possible, the team decided to take a novel approach. A high pressure cold gas thruster system with a total of 6 nozzles will allow for an apogee control in both upwards and downwards direction. This system will also allow the team to gain valuable experience in high pressure systems that is necessary for future engine development, without it being mission critical.


launch mass25 kg
height2950 mm
diameter151 mm
altitude controlbi-directional cold gas thruster system
total impulse8088.9 Ns
max thrust2092.7 N
target apogee3000 m